Iowa Next: Quality of Life Initiative

Dear Fellow Consortium of Iowa Archivist Members,

I hope this message finds you well. I know you have a vested interest in the Department of Cultural Affairs and Iowa’s cultural vitality in general, so I wanted to reach out and make sure you know about Iowa Next.

Iowa Next is a new quality of life initiative, proposed by the Governor and currently being considered by the Iowa Legislature, which would create a new $26 million statewide grant program that would be administered by the Department of Cultural Affairs in coordination with the Iowa Economic Development Authority, Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa Department of Transportation.

If passed by the Iowa Legislature, Iowa Next would take a comprehensive approach to state investment in local and regional quality of life efforts by coordinating and streamlining public access to state programs that provide resources to support cultural, natural and recreational community projects.

I encourage you to learn more about Iowa Next online by reading an overview of the proposed legislation and to sign up to receive important email updates as the bill moves through the Legislative session. Your voice will be an important in this process so I would be happy to discuss Iowa Next with you further, or provide information that you can distribute to your colleagues or members to help inform Iowans about this important initiative.

We’re excited about the opportunity Iowa Next presents for Iowa communities and non-profit organizations engaged in cultural, natural and recreational projects, so please let me know if there is additional information I can share or if you have any questions I can help answer.

Thanks so much for your interest,

Tony Jahn

State Archivist, State Historical Library & Archives | 515.281.4895 |

Iowa Arts Council | Produce Iowa | State Historical Society of Iowa

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs


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