MAC Emeritus Membership Award


Each year the MAC Membership Committee solicits nominations from the MAC membership for candidates to the status of Emeritus Member. The nominee must be retired from archival work and have been a MAC member for a minimum of 10, not necessarily consecutive, years. More importantly, nominees must have made a significant and substantial contribution to MAC during their archival career. The Emeritus Membership Award and special membership status of Emeritus Member were created to recognize those who have contributed to the success, growth, and visibility of MAC through committee work, programming, outreach, and governance. The award intends to recognize those who work behind the scenes for MAC, as well as those who have been honored by election to office.


Download the application form with instructions. Application deadline is January 31. Please send completed applications to:

Alexis Braun Marks, C.A.
University Archivist
Eastern Michigan University
Bruce T. Halle Library, 310
Ypsilanti, MI  48197

Emeritus Members

  • Mary Ann Bamberger
  • Patricia Bartkowski
  • Roland Baumann
  • J. Joe Bauxar
  • Jesse E. Boell*
  • Ann Bowers
  • Maynard Brichford
  • Valerie Gerrard Browne
  • Nicholas Burckel
  • Theodore J. Cassady*
  • J. Frank Cook
  • Helen Davidson
  • Francis A. DeLoughery*
  • Anne P. Diffendal
  • Kenneth Duckett
  • Henry (Hank) E. Edmunds*
  • Charles B. Elston
  • Timothy Ericson
  • Glen Gildemeister
  • Brother Roy Godwin, CFA*
  • Raimund Goerler
  • F. Gerald Ham
  • Dorothy Heinrich
  • James D. Henn*
  • Frederick L. Honhart
  • Harold Hutchings*
  • Jack K. Jallings*
  • Nancy Lankford
  • Lydia Lucas
  • Joel W. Lundeen*
  • Steve Masar
  • Philip Mason
  • Dale C. Mayer
  • Dione Miles*
  • Archie Motley*
  • Margaret Cross Norton*
  • Sister Josetta Phoenix, BVM*
  • Marguerite Edith Jenison Pease
  • Nancy C. Prewitt*
  • Mary Janzen Quinn
  • Patrick Quinn
  • Florence Stewart*
  • Joanne Stranberg*
  • Joseph Svoboda*
  • Nancy Turner



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